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Our Regular DJs at EL GRANDE

It's all about the music for us, music is the axis and pivot of a good club night. Good music is one of the key elements to keep our loyal clientele happy and eager to come back for more Latindiction,  we are extremely proud, happy and honoured to work with some of the best Salsa, Latin & Afro-Latin DJs in the UK

DJ Erick 'the Saint' - Main Salsa Room (Dominican Republic)

DJ Mr Bilongo - Main Salsa Room (Colombia)
Director of Ola Latina, co-promoters of El Grande

DJ Julian 'the Duke' - Main Salsa Room (Colombia)

DJ Johnny Gee - Main Salsa Room (Colombia)

DJ Rich - Cuban Room (UK)

DJ Lazaro Lopez - Cuban Room (Cuba)

DJ Urbano - Latin & Bachata Room (Dominican Republic)

DJ Gilberto Zapata - Latin & Bachata Room (Colombia)

DJ JJ Latino (from The Latin Brotherz Team) - Latin & Bachata Room (Bolivia)

DJ Marito - Kizomba Room (Portugal)